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Breaking the Language Barrier

Como Esta from the Philippines! I’ve been here for three days now and I am already in love with the people here! I’m staying in a missionary guest house – and have had the privilege of meeting several missionaries and hearing about where they’re going and what they are doing. It has been quite an…

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Those Who’ve Gone Before

This morning I packed my things and left. With my husband. To the airport. Where he transferred my care and safety to eight other men, most of whom are police officers. We are headed for the Philippines. For the next two weeks, eight men and I are taking the Courageous movie to members of the…

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Analyze This: Valentine’s Day

I’ve been amused by several postings about Valentine’s Day by random Facebook friends. I’ve seen everything from “I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY! FREE PASS FOR THE HUSBAND!” to “Dude, what’s the big deal about V-Day? It’s all about the candy, Bro!” I’m sure feelings run from apathy to heart-palpitating anticipation, pure hatred to ooey-gooey delight, and…

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Checking What We’re Expecting

Sunday was the BIG game. We walked across the street to our neighbor’s home, where the food is ample and amazing. I brought sun-dried tomato pesto appetizers – and they were gone in ten minutes. I brought wedges of brownie pizza – and they were gone in four. I didn’t expect that. We rooted for…

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