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Join us for HomeWatch 2023

A full day conference for law enforcement spouses/ significant others. 2023 brings more opportunities and more cities for us to impact. To register CLICK HERE

If you would like to support our efforts of reaching law enforcement families text "Give Blue" to 44321 or CLICK HERE

We Educate, Encourage and Equip
Law Enforcement Families to Thrive
Relationally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

We serve officers and their spouses/significant others, both active duty, and those who’ve been wounded in the line of duty.

Our focus is the foundations of personal life…great relationships at home and with others. This support creates positivity in the life of officers and their families, setting the tone and laying a healthy foundation that will help them to thrive on duty and off.

How 2 Love Our Cops is about learning, keeping up with the latest research, and listening to the hearts and thoughts of law enforcement families across the United States, Canada, and beyond. Where we don’t have expertise, we partner with those who do to bring the very best resources to law enforcement families. Our conferences, books, blogs, seminars, trainings, and even our fundraisers are designed to incorporate education, encouragement, and positive perspectives. It is our pursuit to continue to learn and grow in our own lives, so that we can provide the very best resources for you.

How2LoveOurCops is a 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the relational, emotional and spiritual wellness of law enforcement families.



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Dear LORD,

You are a faithful God, and we come before you to intercede for Oregon State Police and every community within the state.

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What began as a simple book for spouses has grown
into a wide variety of resources and goals.