How 2 Love Our Cops

We Educate, Encourage and Equip Law
Enforcement Families to Thrive Relationally,
Emotionally and Spiritually.

We serve officers and their spouses/significant others, both active duty, and those who’ve been wounded in the line of duty.

Our focus is the foundations of personal life…great relationships at home and with others. This support creates positivity in the life of officers and their families, setting the tone and laying a healthy foundation that will help them to thrive on duty and off.

How2LoveOurCops is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the relational, emotional and spiritual wellness of law enforcement families.


What began as a simple book for spouses has grown
into a wide variety of resources and purposes.

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Hearts for Blue Gala!

How2LoveOurCops is now in our second year as a nonprofit, and wow, have we been busy! Right now we’re gearing up for our annual fundraising event with its new name: Hearts for Blue Gala. This night brings community and public servants together to celebrate our cops and their families. We seek to create awareness of…

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Answer the Phone

It was a gloomy, rainy morning; not only reflected in the skies, but in my mood. It was cold and wet outside, but I needed to run. I chose music that told me to be confident in my foundations—who I am, my mission, my relationships—but I didn’t believe it. I’d been doing familiar battle within…

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Law Enforcement Spousal Conference

Register for the March 2nd Conference HERE. About this Event Home Watch 2019 is our first conference for spouses of law enforcement officers. Set aside a day just for you, and bring your friends! You’ll laugh, cry, connect, and be encouraged as you glean “Strength for the Journey”. Includes refreshments, lunch, interactive conversation, stories and…

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How2LoveYourCop: Growing and Expanding!

I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic lately. Seven years ago this time of year was when CHiP on my Shoulder—How to Love Your Cop with Attitude hit the online bookstores. I had no idea what to expect—would people buy it? And if they buy it, would they even like it? It was a complete unknown. And…

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Independence Day

Yesterday I had a good cry. It wasn’t about gratitude for our country, or amazing fireworks, or indignation of where our country is headed. I’ve done all that in years past. No, yesterday was a different kind of Independence Day. The month of June was about celebration. Thirty years of marriage. My daughter graduated from…

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