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Find all the information you need as you begin your journey in law enforcement.

How 2 Love Our Cops

Are you a new Blue Family? We are here for you! As you embark on a new season of supporting a loved one new to law enforcement, we want to come alongside you and support your family. Why? Because we've been there and understand the challenges that come with this job. Need to talk with someone confidentially who gets it? Look into our peer support program! Need information? We have resources, events, and programs designed to help you in all aspects of the LEO life. Sign up now!

FAQs for New Officer Families


What is the CHiP Virtual Book Club?

A CHiP on my Shoulder is the book that started How 2 Love Our Cops, and is a great place to find information on how to navigate this life. In 2021 we held a National Book Club, recording extra content via Zoom. If you would like access to these videos, sign up today and we will send you the links.

Check out all we offer!

We have several programs, events, and resources specifically designed to equip you to love your cop!


Need to talk with someone who understands?

Want to talk with someone who's been there? Go to the peer support page where you can submit your contact information confidentially, and one of our trained peers will respond as soon as possible!