How 2 Love Our Cops is almost four years old, and our reach has reached into at least 31 states of our country! Here are some numbers:

  • Approximately 2043 people attended our events since 2018
  • Over 228 people have volunteered at our events
  • Over 11,000 of our books have been sold!
  • Approximately 11,847 social media followers
  • We spoke into at least 104 marriages one-on-one since November 2018.
  • We've met with 200+ members of Congress on legislation for wounded officers
  • 22 lives changed at our 2021 Trauma Retreat
  • Almost 300 spouses in 31 states joined our National Book Club
  • State Liaisons in 8 states!
  • Over 4,000 people have heard one or more of us speak since August 2018.

Here is a small sampling of the feedback we receive about what we do:

"I felt validated and am thinking about things with different perspectives." Courtney

"Meeting with you was a trigger to getting help. I almost lost my marriage...she had one foot out the door. I'm so grateful for what you do." Scott

"One of the only books that specializes on police marriages. It is full of info on living with hope into our marriages/relationships." Catherine

"Praise God I'm not alone." Gina

"I salute you all for the hard work and dedication that you daily show to assist so many first responders, their spouses and loved ones in these crucial fields. They all deserve kudos and our prayers as they fulfill great responsibilities. I would like to receive any materials and/or emails you can send. Thank you so much." Josephine

"You and your team poured out so much love and care and effort into blessing all of the wives this weekend, thank you so much for what you do!!" Heather

"I am the most tenured defensive tactics instructor in the Department with 17 years in the practice. I have been in countless battles where suspects have tried to disarm me nine separate times...and failed...I was crying after your article...and actually am still fighting back tears...Thanks for your words. And in the words of Paul Tripp, not being "the cause, but the occasion" for me to get in a good cry. We need to let it out. I need my LEOW more today than ever! You are all valued! Stay in the fight, reload your kindness, and be unrelenting in your attack of the enemy..." Jeff

"Thank you again for what you do. I find it inspiring that you can be so strong in such a trying role. I hope to be like that someday." Jen