Our Core Values

We believe that supportive, educated families are a key component to long term officer wellness. It is our mission, vision, and goal to educate those who love an officer so that homes can thrive.

As we do this, we adhere to the following Core Values:


We follow through with what we say we will do to the best of our ability. We hold true to good and moral character and keep each other accountable.


We hold sacred the trust that law enforcement families place in us. We keep confidentiality and pass along information only if given permission or are mandated by law.


We join arms with those who love their officers, supporting them with respect and empathy. We work hard to create a no drama zone, accepting differences, and working together as a team


We value research, experience, and proven solutions to the challenges of this career. We equip families through accessible tangible resources, learning from one another, and empowering families with tools and support.


We value the hope that comes through faith, finding answers, and the fact that families are not alone in this journey.