Our Core Values

Positivity—The law enforcement life is marked with criticism, tragedy, and negativity. We choose to look at the world with hope in heart and deed, seeking to really see the soul, encourage, and make an impact in the crazy, mixed up world that our law enforcement deal with every day.

Marriage—We value the commitment two people make to each other before God and their loved ones to love, honor, and cherish. We seek to encourage communication, teach conflict resolution, and to keep true to one’s spouse.

Love—We believe it is all about the love. Love for God. Love for our spouses. Love for our children. Love for our brothers and sisters in blue. And even love for our enemies.

Faith—We value the work of God in human lives, believing that He paid the ultimate sacrifice for reconciliation with mankind. Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again so that we might live for Him, give our lives for others, and rise to the call He has on our lives.

Teachability—We keep learning to keep teaching. Looking for the nuggets of wisdom that life gives in good times and in struggles so that we can pass along help and hope.

Excellence—We strive to do our very best as we use our gifts and skills. We choose to always look for better ways of doing things, giving much attention to detail, and not settling for mediocre products or services.