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Body Mind & Badge - Critical incidents and career-altering traumas are daily risks that law enforcement officers must face. But, too often, officers turn to maladaptive habits to cope. Is there a better way? In Body, Mind, and Badge: Strategies for Navigating Trauma and Resilience in Law Enforcement, Dr. Kathryn Hamel, PhD, answers that question with a resounding “Yes!”

The book focuses on two imperative components of law enforcement wellness: physical fitness and resiliency. Cultivating both enables personnel to mitigate the physical, mental, and emotional wear and tear that result from challenges of law enforcement.

Part One covers Dr. Hamel’s memories of shift work and her resulting personal journey to physical fitness. It also discusses research on the unique health issues of law enforcement personnel, the pervasiveness of stress in the field, and the importance of physical fitness as a mitigating factor.

Additionally in Part One is the cautionary story of an unexpected and devastating injury to a young, fit officer by Chief Mike Hamel (Ret.). He includes his assessment of the functional movement screen/predictive injury test and how he successfully brought it to the Irvine PD as part of an overall fitness program to help prevent the physical, emotional, and economic costs of injuries to law enforcement personnel.

In Part Two, Heather Williams, PsyD, discusses resiliency—what it is, why it’s important for countering critical incidents, and how law enforcement personnel can integrate it into their lives. She proposes that law enforcement management help personnel build resilience by incorporating support systems into their organizations and by teaching inoculation training, hardiness training, psychoeducation, and cognitive-behavioral techniques like mindfulness. She also offers methods for individuals to build their own resiliency.

In Part Three, retired and current police officers share their personal journeys to physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Officer John Darby (Ret.) and Chief Charles Celano (Ret.) relate how injury and illness, respectively, forced them into unexpected retirement. They share the methods they used to heal themselves physically and how they overcame the shock and resulting sorrow of careers cut short. And Officer Alex Mendoza, a nutritionist, Reiki II practitioner, health coach, and mindfulness teacher, shares numerous emotional and physical paths to wellness, a final reminder that physical fitness and resiliency will allow you to not just survive, but thrive, in your law enforcement career.

Facing Evil – On October 24, 2014, a thrice-deported evildoer and his wife engaged in a several-hour Bonnie and Clyde-like crime spree through the Sacramento (CA) region, killing Deputy Danny Oliver and Detective Michael Davis. They also severely wounded a third deputy and a civilian. More victims and witnesses were terrorized as a several-hour manhunt ensued, resulting in several carjackings and shootings. Schools and neighborhoods were put on lockdown. The effects of chaos reverberated throughout the region until both were taken into custody.

But it was only the beginning of a long journey of loss, grief, post-traumatic stress, and a painful trial. For years afterward, this day tormented the souls of many more officers, claiming marriages, careers, and peace of mind.

Deputy Scott Brown, Oliver's partner and friend, was the first to face this evil and survive. With his wife, Liz, by his side, he embarked on a long and difficult journey through layers of grief, survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress. Together, Scott and Liz continue to pursue healing, embracing a new mission to help others along the way.

How To Thrive With Back Up
A Guidebook for Supporting the Families of Those Who Serve

  • Step-by-step plans for creating a first responderfamily support program
  • 11 thorough checklists at the end of the chapters
  • Ideas for generating funding for your program
  • Critical Incident Protocols
  • Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid

"This book should be read by someone who has the ability to say “Yes” in every law enforcement agency in America. Once an informed leader recognizes the need for supporting the family, the next question will be “How do I do that?” The approach used by the authors, Thompson, Roe, and D’ build a successful “THRIVE” program in your agency or department is amazingly simple and effective!" – Gordon Graham, J.D. 33-year law enforcement veteranand co-founder of Lexipol.

A CHiP on my Shoulder – How to Love and Support Your Cop  We were so honored when the first edition sold out in early 2017. The updated second edition was released in September of 2017 and is available for purchase now! Praised for its simplicity and encouraging style, this book has received support from law enforcement leaders from all over the United States, counselors, officers and their spouses, chaplains, and even extended family members of peace officers. Written specifically for spouses, yet there are reports that officers enjoy the straightforward style as well.

What Others Say about A CHiP on my Shoulder:

“You saved my marriage!” – California “I just LOVE your book. My LEO is reading it as well and it is so amazing how much it is bringing us together for great conversation to better our relationship.” – Wisconsin “LOVED IT! Oh my gosh…I laughed…I cried…I saw myself in your words.” — Maine “This should be given to all significant others of law enforcement as part of their survival training.” — Arizona

A Marriage in Progress – Tactical Support for Law Enforcement Relationships.  The law enforcement training manual for off-duty life. Written specifically to and for officers, Victoria looks at relationships through principles and examples of police training and culture. It includes positive perspectives, real stories, encouragement, practical tools, and personal examples for how to improve your personal life as a member of law enforcement. Over 1,000 police family members spoke into this book.

 What others Say about A Marriage in Progress:

“This book covers more ground than anything available today.” – Oklahoma “Knocks it out of the park!”– California “An unparalleled tool” – Tennessee “She tells it like it is and doesn’t pull punches” – Texas “Takes us to a place where we can walk it through” – California “Nuggets of pure gold wisdom in a down-to-earth, true-to-life, completely genuine way” – Virginia “Relevant, relational and resourceful” – Georgia “It could save not only marriages, but lives” – Pennsylvania “One of the best police family resource books I’ve ever read!” – National Police Wives Association

Selfish Prayer. This book documents the journey of a Medevac unit in Afghanistan in 2009 and beyond. Co-written by Victoria and a California National Guard Silver Star recipient/retired police officer, the book ventures into the actions, thoughts and emotions of a warrior. Thought-provoking reading for Military, Police, Fire, Rescue, and Medical Personnel, and their families.

This is the untold story of DUSTOFF - a company of National Guard lifesavers dedicated to a mission that moved beyond the bounds of deployment, and outside the borders of Afghanistan. By recruiting civilian paramedics from the west coast, the 168th GSAB Medevac Company set out to prove their training model could save more lives of wounded soldiers than flight medics trained to the Army standard. Through eyewitness accounts of bloody battles, hoists into dangerous terrain under fire, and investing themselves to sheer exhaustion, they had one goal: bring our soldiers home alive. The Army's documented results were staggering. The mortality rate of American, Coalition and civilian patients was cut in half while they were in theater. After they departed Afghanistan, it rose 50% to where it was before. Returning home from deployment, their battle continued.

Dependence Day – Ladd Paulson is Marine and a decorated motor officer dedicated to serving and protecting along the thin blue line. One night on patrol, a pickup truck going more than fifty miles per hour slammed into him during a routine car stop. Ladd was thrown onto the hood, and within seconds, the pickup crashed into a light pole. He landed in a parking lot, suffering multiple fractures and internal injuries. Ladd survived, but the miracles do not stop there. Dependence Day is the true story of Ladd's recovery, written by the woman who loves him most- his wife Heidi.
Although each day he battles significant pain and limitations due to his injuries, Ladd misses wearing the uniform and is determined to continue to serve his community and his law enforcement family.