Resources for Your Officer Families

See what resources we have for your department for your new officer families.


How the Right Resources Will Help

It is more difficult than ever to be a police officer, so it is vital to make sure they have adequate support. That starts and ends with getting the family on board. But how to do that is what many departments are asking us. For starters, we've developed a short, succinct video for those who are brand new. Second, check out our Starter Kits that you can hand out to your families. Want to start a family program? We have a handbook written by three experts, one who happens to be our Vice President, Janine D'Agostini! This work is endorsed by Kevin Gilmartin and Gordon Graham! Stay tuned as we have plans for more resources for families in the works!

Receive Your New Officer Family Support Video

This video is a valuable teaching tool to welcome families new to law enforcement. 

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Starter Kits

We have developed Starter Kits for new officer families that include a book, information, and more. We package them nicely and leave them open so that you can add your departmental information before distributing. Our cost is $10 per packet, plus shipping. If your department has a budget, we humbly ask you to send us a donation for our cost. If, however, you don't have the budget, we have donors that will contribute towards the cost. Here's the link to order:

Starter Kit