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Calendar of Events

October 28-December 16, 2021 H2LOC NATIONAL BOOK CLUB
Thursday Nights Online, 6:00 pm PST
Victoria Newman, others as guest speakers
October 28-30, 2021 The Wounded Blue Survival Summit
Las Vegas, NV
Brent & Victoria Newman presenting
November 1, 2021 H2LOC State Liaison Meeting, 4:30 pm PST
November 8, 2021 H2LOC Strategic Planning Mtg.
November 12-14, 2021 COPS National Conference
Oklahoma City, OK
Victoria Newman presenting
November 29, 2021 H2LOC Board Meeting
December 6-8, 2021 COPS Traumas of Law Enforcement
New York, NY
Brent Newman, Liz & Scott Brown presenting
January 10-12, 2022 COPS Traumas of Law Enforcement
Gainesville, FL
Brent Newman presenting
January 29, 2022 H2LOC SPOUSE EVENT
Indiana (TBA)
Victoria Newman presenting
April 4-6, 2022 COPS Traumas of Law Enforcement
Sacramento, CA
Brent Newman presenting
April 9, 2022 H2LOC CONFERENCE
Maine (TBD)
Brent & Victoria Newman presenting
May 12-17, 2022 Police Week
Washington D.C.

This calendar is updated regularly. Please check often to see when we have events and speaking opportunities.

H2LOC Members will be speaking at the Events in Bold Type. Events in all capitals are H2LOC hosted.