40 Days of Connection

40 Days of Connection

It’s official in California. Shelter in place. So here at the Newman residence, three of the “kids” have come home to our pseudo-empty nest and the five of us are “sheltering.”

Many of our plans have been cancelled for the next six weeks at least, and our travel plans have changed significantly. We’ll be packing up the dorm room in a few days as our youngest’s sophomore year will finish “virtual.” We’ve had three weddings of friends who’ve had to go with Plan B or C or even D. Church is now online. Trips to the grocery store or a walk around the neighborhood are the highlights of the day. One thing I’ll say is my house is sure clean…or at least it will be once I scrub and repaint the baseboards, detail the windows, and vacuum for the third time this week.

Goes to show, you never know what tomorrow holds. Which breathes fear into some. Others don’t do well without a routine. Still more absolutely need sunlight to function. Fresh air. Freedom to run.

But probably what we’re all going to really miss is connection.

Hugs. Coffee with a friend. Words spoken. Hearts shared. Help in getting another perspective. Hope that comes from being inspired and cared for. Touch. There’s just no substitute for human contact!

For the past couple days, I’ve intentionally contacted friends via phone call and text to check in. I’ve had a few do the same with me. And although it’s not in person, it lets us know that we are thought of. Not forgotten. Not alone. But significant enough for someone else to care.

So, for the next 40 Days, or however long this virus thing lasts, we at How2LoveOurCops are going to be intentional to connect with you via social media. We’ll share our thoughts, videos, perspectives, encouragement, and hopefully some things that will make you full belly laugh. You can read our blog posts on www.how2loveourcops.org. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s not ideal, but it’s something new!

Because you’re not alone.

We’re all in this together!