Encouragement for LEO Spouses In These Times

H2LOC VP-Active Duty Janine also runs a spouse group for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office called “Thrive 10-35.” This is an adaptation of her letter to their group in response to COVID-19—we thought it appropriate and applicable to spouses and family members everywhere:

Dear Family:

Our loved ones (cops), first responders, medical professionals and other essential professions are going to their jobs FOR US, so we should stay home FOR THEM.

From behind the scenes or out in front, our loved ones put themselves at risk in favor of others on a daily basis. We share our loved ones with the public, making immeasurable sacrifices so we have safer communities. You are the strength BESIDE the Badge, beside the public servant.

By nature, in times of crisis most of us want to dive in, fix things, problem solve, and go out and serve. I keep thinking of ways to help and eagerly run my “enthusiastic” ideas by my husband John (Sheriff D’Agostini). Although he may love the ideas, what really puts his heart, mind and stress level at ease is to know that I am holding up our home front. Taking care of things where I am most needed and can be the most support and help to him. He and all our LE Family have very big jobs to do right now and it affords them to meet the challenges of their jobs while knowing that we are adequately equipped and capable to manage home and family—so they can do their jobs.

This is a completely out-of-the-ordinary and unique time in history. This type of a situation is completely foreign to all of us. The best we can do right now is to stay home if possible and give them the peace of mind knowing their families are cared for and safe. This is not complacent or weak; it is the epitome of strength at its bravest and best. There may come a time for us to jump in and do something different and I promise when that time comes our [H2LOC] family will be the first to know!

So for now, stay home, take care of yourselves, love on your families, check on your neighbors and friends, pull out the board games, puzzles, color, start a journal, take a bubble bath, tell jokes, play, rest, clean, de-clutter, and do some of the things you have not done in years. Think of how Blessed we are to live in an age when just the push of a button we can see and hear anyone across the world! We get time to reconnect, reflect, reset and truly appreciate what we have.

Friends, this is the time your heroism, bravery and strength are needed. I know it’s not necessarily easy, but you have this; WE have this!

Janine D’Agostini