41 Days of Gratitude, Day One

I am the product of many women who have spoken into my life. Those who have extended their love and care in different seasons and different years.

Jackie taught me that writing is a beautiful expression of soul and spirit.
Mama Josie showed me at a very young age that no matter the shades of skin or a language barrier, we can love each other deeply.
Rose and Rachel and Judi showed me perseverance with poise in the midst of conflict and difficult times.
Barbara teaches me how to be creative, kind, humble, and hospitable.
Cherie taught me how hospitality and a beautiful home can bless people beyond words.
Carol sat in the grass face to face, teaching me to communicate my feelings as a young girl.
Helen taught me how to cook and clean and be happy while doing so.
Debbie showed me how to live godly, to die graciously and joyfully, leaving a legacy of faith and service to carry on.
Lorie showed me how incredible and personal the Bible is.
Linda told me what I could be and would be, and then celebrated when my dreams were realized.
My mother Mary has always been a place of trust and safety, she has taught me to pray with fervency and certainty.
Kathryn speaks truth into my life faithfully and gently, even when it has been hard to hear.
Cindee has loved, counseled, and laughed with me until we’ve peed our pants through many years of friendship.
Kyrie and Annika have taught me so much more than just how to be a good mom—they’re encouraging, real, great communicators, and becoming amazing women in their own giftedness.
And there are several women in my life now whom I do life with who teach me new things every day by just being who they are. We discover life together; we love, laugh, cry, hug, talk, dream, learn, and conquer the world together.
I am grateful to these amazing women and many others who’ve given me parts of themselves along this great and amazing journey.

Who are the women who’ve left a positive influence in your life? Let’s be grateful for them today!