I grow weary of the way life has become these last weeks.

Inhibited. Bored. Days passing without adventure, without interaction.

At the mercy of an unseen enemy that seems on one hand a stealthy killer, and on the other, a bark bigger than its bite. And I puzzle over what is the truth…

And the consequences of sheltering in place—shutting down businesses and staying home—has just now begun to show a new threat. The ripple effect will affect the economy; and eventually our wallets. It is a new uncertainty that hovers in the shadows just now…

My spirit is restless…yet lazy.

Preoccupied by hope for normal—when things will be different, but unsure as to today.

I’ve wasted so much time.

I think this is the time when perseverance must kick in. When character of disciplined heart and mind step up and take over foolish whims and procrastination, an inner tantrum against how things are, and preoccupation of red X’s on the calendar.

I must be a steward of today.

So what CAN I do…today? What SHOULD I do…today?

What will I CHOOSE for today?