Six Ways to Stay Strong as Police Families

The in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has resulted in protests in many cities throughout our nation.

The weight of non-stop video, protests, riots, accusations, and social media exchanges is heavy for most, and especially for the nation’s law enforcement officers and their families. If you’ve been a part of the blue line family for more than a few years, you’re quickly reminded of prior civil protest and the resultant scrutiny of the law enforcement profession. If you’re newer, your experience changes when your loved one is deployed on a civil disturbance detail.

You are asking important questions, and we at How2LoveOurCops are aware of what you’re going through—what we’re going through—and how it is impacting our families. We have a few suggestions to help you navigate through this time.

Limit intake of social media. This is a major source of stress for you and your officer, if you allow it to be. Dwelling on the latest anti-law enforcement Instagram post or reading others’ grievances via Facebook has a strong tendency to draw you into negativity. Use the time to invest in your family and friends. Also, resist the urge to defend our Thin Blue Line on social media. When emotions are high, we are prone to phrasing things we might later regret, and we are unlikely to have the desired influence.

Sort out your own feelings. How did you feel when you saw the video of this incident? When you see news of protests and rioting? When you think about your officer being deployed onto a skirmish line? Put a name to those emotions. Write it out. This is my second attempt at this post—my first draft was needed for my own processing, and applicable to just me. I needed that to be able to work through my own feelings to help others.

Deal with fear. We fight fear with faith in the things that are real, not perceived. Fear is letting our imaginations dictate our emotions and actions. Faith considers the facts as they are, not what they might be and may not ever be. Replace the “What If?” with “What IS.” Stay in the moment!

Cling to what is good. Policing is a noble profession. Our officers ARE making a positive difference, especially in these trying times. We must renew our commitment to being of good character and be grateful for what we have.

Home support is VITAL. We who love our cops are the greatest asset our officers have. They need to know we love and respect them. They need our help—emotionally, physically, financially, and even spiritually. We need to keep strong and keep them strong.

Pray for peace. Even if you are not a normally a praying person, it’s clear that our country needs Divine Guidance and help. Our prayers will be heard by a Mighty and Loving God.

If you do need someone to talk to, please contact us at H2LOC ( We care for you and your family and are grateful to be of service to you.