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Life and Its Priorities

My blog posts have been lacking lately.

As in nonexistent.


At first, when I realized that it was early spring that I last posted, I got a little nervous. “I’m losing momentum, my readers will miss my blog, I’ll lose followers!” But actually, the world has gone on without my little thoughts, and I had good reasons.

Sometimes life’s seasons bring different priorities.

I was busy being a wife and a mom.

I set aside my pen (laptop) for a time, and poured extra effort into my family and home.

My daughters both graduated – one from college, one from high school. One of their friends got married. My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage. My grandfather passed away. We’ve been getting to know our daughter-in-law. We had a couple intense parenting situations in there. We did some home improvements. We’ve also been helping our son in the application process to be a CHP dispatcher.

I don’t feel guilty.

Because sometimes I just can’t do it all. Some seasons just need to be focused on one thing: family.

I couldn’t authentically do what I do if I didn’t take some concentrated time for my family. I’d be a flaming hypocrite.

In a few days, Chief and I will be heading with two kids to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the Caribbean. I am looking forward to talking, relaxing, swimming, dreaming, and making memories with my husband and kids. More than you know.

After I return, I’ve got a full plate of work to get through. This hiatus of sorts has given me renewed vigor in my work with police families. There are still so many who muddle through this crisis-driven career and its affects on marriage and family. Too many divorces that take place when they really don’t need to. Too many miscommunications, chronic problems that can actually be resolved, and too many hurts that develop into bitterness.

This journey that started several years ago but came into being officially in September 2011, has taken me to places I could’ve not foreseen. I’ve learned so much. I’ve still so much to learn. And as I learn, its my priority to share it with other police families. I continue and will continue to create resources for warrior families, with a sense of duty and passion.

This fall will continue with more education. Next month I will start to finally get my next book onto paper. This next book will be for officers – the counterpart to A CHiP on my Shoulder. I will be looking for input, so watch for that. I’ll be doing interviews, focus groups and surveys. I’m also considering more formal education to help me understand even further the complexities of our physical make-up and the ways that the soul and spirit intertwine, and how relationships work.

I’ll also be conducting my seminar, Backup for the Home (also called Surviving Law Enforcement – A Spouse’s Perspective in California), as it continues to bring hope and interactive wisdom to police families. We’ve had really good feedback, and hope to develop it even further. If you are interested in having me present in your area, send me a message.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with more blog posts. In the meantime, I’m making memories with those I love the most…

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