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40 Days of Gratitude

Yesterday marked 40 days until Thanksgiving. At church our pastor talked about unity and what that looks like. He first of all said that unity doesn’t mean that we have to look like each other, that we don’t have to be near each other, or that we have to agree with one another. He quoted another pastor, saying, “We don’t have to see eye to eye, but instead we walk hand in hand.”

Wow. I look at our country and how fractured we are right now. We are the United States of America. We don’t all agree. We live miles away from one another. And we certainly don’t look like each other. In fact, we’ve reduced each other to what color we are…but that’s another topic.

I also look at our law enforcement community, and how beaten up we’ve been over the last few years. Our Thin Blue Line is what is holding the country from being overrun by chaos and anarchy. Revisions to law, political pressures, demands based on perceptions, loud accusations that quiet the majority, and a relentless and biased press have squeezed that thin blue line even thinner. I know our officers feel it. I know our families feel it. Live it. And discouragement reigns as answers are not easy, and often illusive. But it is more important than ever to strengthen our Thin Blue Line.

My pastor went on to say that where unity begins is in gratitude. Concentrate on what God has done for you, rather than increased fault-finding in others. Now, there are those reading this who have a faith in God, and others who don’t. But the point is the same—concentrating on what we have and being thankful will make for a better attitude.

In light of this thought I’m asking you to join with How2LoveYourCop in a quest to concentrate for the next 39 days on Gratitude. Each day I’ll post on Facebook/Twitter a question to think about, and perhaps some insights I come across. I’d invite you to comment, bringing forth some of your thoughts as well. We’ll keep it positive.

Not sure exactly where we’ll ultimately go with this, but nonetheless we have the power to change our thoughts and attitudes. Attitudes change our choices, and choices make up our lives. What a great way to enter into the Christmas season, and an even better way to survive the election!

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