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How2LoveYourCop: A Facelift & The Future

How2LoveYourCop is nearing its fifth birthday! I’ve written three books (with two more on the way), visited 20 states and three countries, met and helped countless police families, and feel like I am just finding my stride!

At this milestone, I’ve spent some time recently taking inventory of where we are as an organization, and where I’d like to take it in the future.

In the spirit of reevaluating How2, I’ve partnered with Half a Bubble Out, a marketing firm in my hometown of Chico, California. They have updated my website, bringing it up to 2016 standards, and giving it a fresh, new look. You’ll notice the Resource Page has been vastly improved, as well as the addition of a contact form. I’d welcome your feedback, as well as suggestions for other improvements. Keep checking back, as my blog posts will resume, my calendar will continually be updated, and there are new things in the works.

Speaking of new, I’m constantly looking for more ways to encourage, equip, and empower police families. There is much I want to do yet. Here are some of the ideas I’m running with now and in the future:

Continued articles (link coming soon)
Expand readership and seminar countrywide, worldwide
Motivational & Educational Videos
Partnerships for Police Family Wellness
Practical products for the home
Family Readiness Packages for police departments and associations
Partnership-based resources for Law Enforcement PTSD
Faith-based resources
Curriculum for Small Groups
Retreats and Conferences
Resources for children of police officers
Parenting resources
Help for wounded law enforcement families

There is much on the horizon and in my planning, but I’m always open to your ideas as well. As always, if you see a need for something, please fill out the contact form and let me know how I can help. I’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

Lastly, if you enjoy the books, speaking, website, Facebook page, and other How2 resources, please feel free to share with others. Your recommendation is the best way I get the word out to those who can benefit. We as police families need each other, more now than ever.


  1. Kerry MacDonald on July 13, 2016 at 1:51 am

    Love the new website Vikki! Such a honor meeting you at the hunting for heros reteat. Thank you for you love and support.

    Kerry MacDonald

  2. Abby Longshore on July 14, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Congratulations on your hard work,Vickie. It is definitely a needed resource. I hope to find a way to express myself artistically in an effective way. My husband who has always loved his job & is good at it,now is talking seriously about retiring early. Itll probably pass, but since Dallas and direction that leadership is going, he’s anxious to get out. It saddens me to see him like this.

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