How 2 Love Our Cops

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The Sixth Love Language

I didn’t think it could be done. There are five love languages – Acts of Service, Physical Touch (Affection), Words of Affirmation, Gifts, and Quality Time. About 98% of the population give and show love through these five practices. And nobody’s ever really come up with another. And I think everyone’s been okay with that.…

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Why We Avoid Community

On Wednesday I held the first meeting of my new peer group. I invited several local police wives to join me once a week to go through A CHiP on my Shoulder chapter by chapter. We enjoyed some goodies, introduced ourselves, talked about the purpose and the rules, and basically learned who each other were.…

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An LEOW Thanksgiving

Over the freeway and through the neighborhood To my mother’s house we go A well-worn road With kids in tow To spend another holiday alone. Over the freeway and through the neighborhood To mother’s questioning eyes! Oh, LE Wifey dear, Why isn’t he here? For Thanksgiving dinner here lies! Over the freeway and through the…

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Two Minutes with Gilmartin

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Kevin Gilmartin’s training on Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement. It was my first time listening to him teach in person. I was taken in with the way he presented the parts of police officers others rarely see: the biological and chemical reactions to what they are…

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