How 2 Love Our Cops

A Little Reminder

I had myself a little reminder to slow down my driving a few months ago. Wrote the officer a poem to let him know that I learned my lesson. And yes, I’ve slowed down!

While on my way to Chico, passed a trucker doin’ 50
Radio on, singing loud, was a feelin’ jus’ nifty,
When all of sudden I see a red light
He made a quick U-turn, and my joy turned to fright!

To the shoulder I went, my hands started shaking,
Pass me by, I had hoped, but no, he was braking.
To my wallet I went, opened it up with a clatter,
He slowly strode up, to find out what was the matter.

“Do you know the limit?” he did ask me quite stern,
I guessed wrongly, sadly, and so it was my turn
To find my registration, license and insurance proof,
And boy, I was nervous, to tell you the truth!

I’m married to an officer, a warrior in blue,
And then he realized, “Oh, could it be true?
That the car he had clocked at a strong 74
Could be the wife of one he’d worked with before?”

And I, all embarrassed, and shaky and flustered,
Laughed nervously and then I sort of mustered,
“Please don’t mention this to a CHP crowd
I set the example, for cryin’ out loud!”

He told me to get on about my day,
And suggested that I slow down along the way,
He flashed me a grin, that dear man in blue,
And to him my pocketbook says a big thank you.

I give no excuses, a ticket I deserved,
But for me it was grace that he had reserved,
And a reminder to me as a police wife
55 is the rule – it could save my life.

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