Answer the Phone

It was a gloomy, rainy morning; not only reflected in the skies, but in my mood. It was cold and wet outside, but I needed to run. I chose music that told me to be confident in my foundations—who I am, my mission, my relationships—but I didn’t believe it.

I’d been doing familiar battle within my mind for several weeks, and frankly, I was getting my butt kicked. This morning was another round… Discouragement. Jealousy. Voices that told me I was a failure. A fool. That others were much better at what I am trying to do. And everyone would know—it was only a matter of time before I’d fail.

One part of my brain said, “Don’t listen! This isn’t true!” The other part of my brain laughed. Back and forth. Again. Again. Aga—

The music stopped and the ringtone took over. I saw the name, and felt a tinge of hope, and then sighed—a colleague from the other side of the country. But answer? No, you’re a raw mess, let it—


The next several moments time stood still. I stopped running. I listened. I could barely speak. I stood under the trees by the winter ponds, letting him speak truth and life and encouragement into my soul.

I had a powerful ally who first understood my battle, then began to wield the sword on my behalf. Slashing at the lies that surrounded me. Failure? Hardly. Fool? BEGONE! I confessed my jealousy to him. He understood. He reasoned with me, spoke life and possibility into my wounds and fatigue. Discouragement—my age-old enemy—lost its foothold as Jim spoke courage into my life, and then began to pray…

When he said amen, I realized I had fallen to my knees at some point. But as I hung up, I realized I felt lighter getting up. The gloominess of the day seemed a bit brighter. I practically sprinted the rest of the way home.

There is a battle for our minds.

I can’t do this…
I hate my circumstances…
so many are against me…
I don’t need anyone…No one gets me…No one understands…
I am so attracted to someone other than my spouse…
I’m so done…
I’ve fallen out of love…
I can’t do this…
I hurt so much I don’t want to live anymore…

These thoughts are weapons that slash at our well-being, shoot out the foundations beneath us, blast our minds into confusion, penetrate chaos into our souls and ultimately destroy not only us, but those around us.

Good news, salvation, positivity, confidence, light, and moral choices versus toxic thoughts, negativity, discouragement, darkness, and destructive choices—God and evil fight constantly for the prize of our minds. He who rules the thoughts, directs the actions. Permeate the mind with darkness, and the eye won’t be able to see. If we can’t see clearly because we’re not thinking clearly, our paths will lead to discouragement, despondency, danger, despair, and unless there is intervention, utter destruction.

How do we defend ourselves?

We realize that isolation is a breeding ground for a cesspool of decline. We need other perspectives that will counter our dark thoughts.

We allow allies to speak into our lives who will counter toxic thought processes. Who will swing the Sword of Truth on our behalf. Answer. The. Phone.

We allow allies to kick us in the butt when we’re choosing to follow paths of destruction; to keep us accountable to the oaths we have taken.

We listen to the encouragement of an ally who sees our motivations, our failures, our potential, and isn’t susceptible to the lying voices of doubt.

We need beacons of light to shine in the dark places of our minds.

We need comrades who will take up arms and fight for us.

And when we have reinforcements, we, too, can take up the shield and sword, fighting alongside others.

Therein lies the victory.

So answer the phone!

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  1. Gina Y. on April 2, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    Praise God I’m not alone.

    Thank you – God Bless You – Keep walking

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